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McNabb didn't know

Posted on: November 20, 2008 9:06 am

The fact that Donovan McNabb didn't know there were ties in the NFL is such a load of you know what?  I knew there were ties! Every other fan I talked to knew there were ties.  What is wrong with McNabb?  Either he was acting dumb to make a comment about the NFL policy or he really didn't know.  So he is either a dummy or a liar.  To make a comment on NFL policy is one thing but to lie about to avoid punishment from the league is cowardly.  Just make the statement that the rule sucks and move on.  Almost everyone knows there are ties in the NFL.  There was one in 2002 for christ's sake.  But if he really didn't know then what an idiot.  I mean seriously.  And then he made the comment about what if that happened in the playoffs.  Yep McNabb, the game ends in a tie.  Both teams advance and combine teams in the next round for 1 superteam.  Come on.  It's a wonder he made it through college and he probably make more than the validictorian now.   Well, that's enough for me.

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